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The car how it looks today: 



The seventies:

The car in racing condition witch ran with several diffrent engines, one is the lotus 1600cc below with kugelfischer  mechanical fuel injection system.

Pictures taken at the Anderstorp scandinavian raceway where they ran F1 in the late seventies.









The early Eighties:

Ran the car with a 2000cc F3 Holbay engine and 9" wide rear magnesium rims.

Pictures taken at Mantorp park.






Pictures taken at Kinnekulle ring.




The mid Eighties:

Pictures taken at Mantorp park.










Lotus Elan S2 1965  

Total Weight: ~650kg (1740lb)


Twin Cam 1600 cc 


F3 lotus Al-head


Steel crankshaft  Mk 1                


Conrods 125 E with high strength 1200 N/mm2 bolts


Camshafts BRM fas III


Male forges pistons 83,55 mm 


High capacity Jaguar  SU-fuel pump      


Aluminum flywheel


7” racing clutch




Gearbox 2000E original (+ Lotus close ratio. with Al-strut)


Differential with Sailsbury limited slip (set to 60 Nm) Diffrent ratios: 3.77 3.90 4.10 4.44


Inner steel driveshafts


F1 CV-Driveshafts (from 1980) fabr. Scatra


The frame is sandblasted, reinforced and painted with 2 component epoxy

Dual front sway bars

Stiffer hight adjustible engine mounts

Styvare motorinfästningar och inställbara i höjdled


One way damping and hight adjustible koni shocks


Nylon bushings all round


Front and rear toe in adjustible 

Rear camber adjustible


3 set of springs with diffrent spring rates


Standard brake calipers with stainless steel pistons(my fathers design and fabrication)




One spare front racing hood with extra cooling vents


Front and rear wide flares (my fathers design and fabrication)




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